Tangerine is a citrus fruit, and it resembles just like an orange. It is a little bit small than orange, and its peel is easily removable as compare to orange.

The tangerine season is very short and not available the whole year, therefore Yummyway processes and dried high-quality import tangerine from the United States of America without losing nourishment, freshness for our valuable consumers.

Everyone can enjoy this tasty dried tangerine on their table round the year. Taste of tangerine is very sweet, less tart, and full of nutrients. Old, young, children even everyone enjoy scrunching on tangerine when they desire sweet and tart.

Recommended dishes by Yummyway:-

  • Steamed fish with dried tangerines
  • Beef with tangerines
  • Tangerine duck/ chicken
  • Dried tangerines veg rice
  • Dried Tangerine beef or venison
  • Chocolate dipped dry tangerines
  • Dried tangerines chicken sauce
  • Spiced preserved tangerines
  • Crushed dried tangerines sprinkle
  • Charred tangerine on toast
  • Dried tangerine butter cookies
  • Dried tangerine cranberry muffins
  • Gluten-free organic tangerine cake
  • Dried tangerine sorbet
  • Spinach and frisee salad with a tangerine

Advantage of dried tangerine:-

Immune system:-

Tangerine is full of vitamin c that is very useful for the immune system, and provide a strong defense system to the body.

Boost Energy:-

Tangerine contains another quality vitamins range .i,e B1, B2, B3, and C, folate; all of these are very important for skin,  cellular energy, and a strong nervous system. Folate is necessary to produce red and white blood cells and turn carbohydrates into energy. Thus provide rapid energy to the body.

Blood pressure and heart diseases:-

Beta-carotene, potassium, and magnesium relaxing the walls of the blood vessels, thus maintain blood pressure. It also produces energy and bone growth.

Healthy ageing:-

Tangerine is rich in antioxidants, and antioxidants play an essential role in controlling disease-related to age. It also supports healthier ageing.

Eye Health:-

Tangerines are fully packed with vitamin C and vitamin A. Both vitamins are very beneficial for eye health. Vitamin C and A support our body to keep healthy retina and cornea function.

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Dried Tangerines Tangerine Wedges (Low Sugar)


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