Raw Hazelnut Filbert ( without shell ) is delicious and full of nutrition. Hazelnut filbert is a delightful snack and can be added widely in different dishes. Yummway presents the world’s best quality raw hazelnut filbert that plays an essential role in robust health.

Raw Hazelnuts Filbert ( without shell ) are suitable for eating; its grain is milky-coloured, round, small, and sweet. It is also known as filberts or cobnuts. Raw Hazelnuts Filbert is an excellent source of antioxidants, dietary fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, manganese,  protein, iron,

It also contains carbohydrates, B 1 ( thiamine ), B 2 ( Riboflavin ), B 3 ( Niacin ), B 5, B 6, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and potassium e.t.c.

Delicious and Tasty Dishes Recommended by Yummway:

Dishes Recommended by Yummway are as under:

  •         Raw Hazelnut Filbert Chocolate Brownies
  •         Raw Hazelnut Filbert Candies
  •         Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Filbert Tartufo
  •         Chocolate Raw Hazelnut Bliss Balls
  •         Raw Hazelnut Filbert, Praline and  Caramel
  •         Raw Hazelnut Filbert Mocha Slice
  •         Raw Hazelnut Filbert Shortbread Cookies
  •         Raw Hazelnut chocolate cheesecake
  •         Chocolate Chunks Raw Hazelnut Blondies
  •         Raw Mushroom Salad with Hazelnut Filbert Gremolata
  •         Raw Hazelnut Filbert Chocolate Truffles
  •         Dark Chocolate Raw Hazelnut Granola

Health Benefits of Raw Hazelnut Filbert:

Health benefits are as under,

Good for Skin:

Raw Hazelnut Filbert contains vitamin E in large amounts, vitamin E keeps skin healthy, glowing, smooth, and wrinkle-free. It also contains antioxidants like vitamin A & C; these vitamins act as anti-aging agents.

Strong Muscles:  

The raw hazelnut filberts are well associated with stiff muscles.  The presence of magnesium plays a significant role in maintaining healthy muscles. It helps in muscle contraction and helps in relieving the stress on muscles. It also helps in reducing muscle fatigue and muscle cramps.

Maintains a Strong Heart:

The raw hazelnut filberts are rich in unsaturated fats; these fats are associated with reducing the LDL or low-density cholesterol, and it promotes good HDL or high-density cholesterol. Thus maintains a healthy heart.


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