These dates are God’s natural gifted candy. These delicious dates are without pits in it and come with natural-born sweetness. These pitted dates can be used for baking, and you can also eat them in raw form.

Yummways’ experienced staff have worked hard to maintain the quality and taste of the product and remove the pits from dates. So you can eat and enjoy them without bothering yourself.

We at Yummway cares for the wellbeing of our customers, and the dates come from top-notch farms in the United States and have been tested for the quality of the product.

Pitted dates dishes recommended by Yummway:

So go and chop them for tasty desserts and energy shakes or bake them into delicious biscuits or tasty muffins. You can also use them for your granola. Pitted date in your granola will increase the deliciousness of that granola, and you will be entirely delighted.

Pitted dates loaf:

Add some chopped dates. You can also add some dry fruits with brown sugar to make this tasty pitted dates loaf. This pitted date loaf is exceptionally healthy and better than those artificial snacks which are made with chemicals and are dangerous for your health.

You can eat this pitted dates loaf anytime, anywhere you want. It is best for your health and has nutrients that are suitable for your health.

Pitted dates with oats crust:

These outstanding pitted date with oat crusts are wonderfully mouth-watering. The mixture of pitted dates with oat crust, brown sugar, and butter is exceptionally delightful. These pitted dates with oat crust are a great choice to eat it whenever you want.

Pitted dates stuffed with chocolate hazelnut:

These dates filled with a chocolate spread-like mixture of hazelnut and dry fruits stuffed in pitted date is so sweet and are natural candies gifted by mother Earth. It is better than a chocolate bar, which is artificial and is dangerous for your health.

Advantages of the pitted dates:

  • Dates are excellent for your health.
  • You can eat them daily.
  • They contain several vitamins, minerals, and proteins also.

High in nutrition:

Pitted date are gifted with many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which are extremely good for your health. These dates are rich in fiber and carbs for which pitted dates are known as one of the healthiest dry fruit. Eating dates can also prevent having diseases like cancer.

Decreases risk of cancer:

The presences of several antioxidants such as flavonoids, carotenoids, and pantothenic acid, the pitted dates play an essential role in decreasing the risk of cancer by repairing the DNA and destroying the cancerous cell in the body.

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