Everyone loves Turkish dried figs for years because of their health benefits and jam-packed nutrients.  They are delicious to eat and sweet to our tastebuds. Well, these Turkish figs are more delightful sugary fruits that are the real delight.

Yummway received so much request from all over the world to bring them fresh Turkish figs, and here we are with them. These dried figs are handpicked from our farms and are 100% organic and healthy.

These sweet Turkish figs are tested and dried by Yummway’s secret drying techniques that preserve the same taste and aroma without reducing the quality of the fruits.

Yummway makes sure that our fruits are healthy and free from diseases before we dry them and ships to our customers. Because Yummway always prioritizes the health of its customer first.

Irresistible Delicious Delight:

Turkish dried figs are a gift from nature as they are very sugary in taste and are jam-packed with nutrients and minerals that are essential for human health and wellness.

You can either eat them in raw form or make sweet dishes that are a real treat for you, your friends, and your family.

Yummway has gathered a list of sweet recipes that can be used to make delicious dishes at home.

Turkish Dried Figs stuffed with goat cheese & dipped with honey:

You can treat yourself with stuffed Turkish figs that are salty, crispy and chewy making your snack a perfectly healthy one with so many nutritional benefits


  1. sixteen dried figs.
  2. Sixteen walnuts
  3. One tablespoon of honey(optional).
  4. You can either use ricotta cheese or any other cheese that you have.

Steps & Procedures:

  • Heat the walnuts for two minutes to toast them and then cool them.
  • Heat the nuts for one or two minutes in a utensil until they get toasted and then cool them
  • Make a deep cut in the Turkish Figs (don’t cut them in two halves but make a deep cut)
  • Stuff cheese in the cut by using your hands.
  • Put nuts on the cheese and press, so they get stick to the cheese.
  • Drizzle honey over this dish to make it sweeter in taste.
  • Serve it.


Turkish dried Figs with cheese filling & pecans:

Who wouldn’t like a salty, crispy and sugary delight? These cheese-filled Turkish figs with toasted pecans pushed inside the figs, and balsamic vinegar sprinkled over it—a perfect appetizer for you and your family members.


  • Turkish dried figs (according to your need)
  • Gorgonzola cheese & Asiago Cheese.
  • Black pepper (grounded).
  • Toasted pecans (according to your need)
  • Balsamic vinegar.


  • Prepare a bowl and mix the asiago and gorgonzola cheese.
  • Add black pepper according to your taste.
  • Make a deep cut in the figs (don’t cut them open), just a deep cut so that you can fill cheese in it.
  • Stuff the cheese in the cuts with hands.
  • Now push the toasted pecans inside the cheese
  • Sprinkle balsamic vinegar.

Health benefits of dried Turkish Figs:

Dried Turkish Figs are blessing from nature. These figs are jam-packed with vitamins, elements, and minerals that are essential for our body to function properly.


Turkish figs provide a considerable amount of potassium. Potassium is responsible for maintaining blood pressure. It is also beneficial for our hearts.

Protects our eyes:

The dried Turkish figs contain vitamin A that is very well-known for protecting our eyes and improves the health of our eyes.

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