Who wouldn’t like bananas? The sweet fruit with rich fibers, proteins and vitamins that gives a boost to our body and is sweet in taste.

But with all these nutrients, the problem with this fruit is that it doesn’t take much time before turning from green to yellow and then from yellow to black.

That is why we have preserved this organic food in its original form without water. Going through natural ways and processes, we have preserved bananas that can be stored and used up to two months which in other words wouldn’t be possible.

These organic dried bananas can be added to any snack from granola to scroggin or regular breakfast. With low fat and sweeter in taste, these organic bananas are a great source of energy, especially for people going through a strict diet or are diabetic.

Eat them whenever and where ever you want. It’s a treat enriched with minerals, vitamins and other nutrients required by the body. You will remain energized, and your belly will remain fill, saving you from eating unhealthy and unnatural snacks.

We suggest that the dried organic bananas should be eaten under moderation and not in large quantity.

Higher in quality & Sweeter in Taste:

Our dried organic banana chips are crusty and crunchy and have the taste and sweetness of the original ripe bananas. These bananas are of high-quality which we have used to make crunchy dried banana chips.

For maintaining the original quality and healthier experience for our customers, the organic dried banana chips are free from any artificial sweetener or additive.

Benefits of Organic Dried Banana chips:

The bananas are a great source of energy and provide us with numerous nutrients which includes essential minerals, vitamins, and elements that are required for the growth and proper functioning of the body.


The potassium is an important and essential nutrient that lowers and maintains the blood pressure and keeps the body fluid balanced

Instant form of energy:

The glucose and fructose present in organic dried bananas are an instant form of energy especially needed to people, who are doing an excessive workout or energy-consuming tasks.

Those people who go to the gym, or are athletes, and dried banana chips serve a great role in providing instant energy to these people. Eat healthily, and stay healthy.


The bananas contain fiber which softens the stool, which reduces the chances of constipation. Fiber also aids in the digestion of food. They also make you feel that you have eaten well, so this way, you get to eat less and helps you maintain good health and physique.


Iron is responsible for producing new blood cells in our body. These blood cells are called haemoglobin which carries oxygen to the different parts of the body.

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