Dried Organic Armenian Apricots

Armeni dried apricot is a highly demanded apricot all over the world. It is the national fruit of Armenia and there’s best production of non-GMO Apricot which are 100% organic. You can eat Armeni Apricot and keep yourself healthy from high blood pressure and heart problems.

Armenian Apricots

The National fruit of Armenia is Apricot. Armenian apricots are known from its scientific name prunus Armenia, produced in a natural way which makes it soft, juicy and delicious. There are a number of varieties of Armenian Apricots which are different in flavor, size and color but all have a natural taste and are delicious.

Sun Dried Armenian Apricots

Armeni sun dried Apricots are healthy for you. High quantities of calcium strengthens your bones and it includes magnesium which is healthy for any age group. You can enjoy sun dried Armeni apricots with natural flavor and delicious sweetness. There are no addictive preservatives in the sun dried apricots. Armeni sun dried apricots have sophisticated earthy and delicious flavor. Organic sun dried apricots are sulfate free and contain vitamin A & C which are healthy to keep you fit and energetic, One benefit of sun Dried Apricot is that it don’t have any dangerous chemicals and no sulfur impurity, You can save it for later use or stock purpose, it never become expire once dried under sun.

non GMO dried fruit

There are 70% of dried fruits which are GMO. It means such dried fruits are not produced naturally; likethere’s some kind of impurity. Organic Fruits are non-GMO and produced naturally. non-GMO dried fruits are certified for its production in a natural way and bought directly from farmers. We provide non-GMO and certified organic Apricots of Armenia which is 100% produced in a natural way and GMO Free production. non-GMO dried fruits are highly recommended by medical reports and doctors. There are healthy organisms which prevents you from any kind of disease and food poisoning .

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