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Yummway is happy to bring you a natural delight. These sliced and naturally preserved special naturally dried Bananas are the real treats that everyone wants.

Without any added preservative or artificial sweetener, we have tried our hard to give you naturally dried bananas that have the refreshing taste and original Aroma.

These yummy natural dried bananas are rich in nutritious contents that are needed by the body to function properly.  We all know that bananas rot very fast; that is why we have pressed these ripe bananas using natural techniques to give you the original taste and feel.

These naturally dried bananas can be stored and used up to 2 months.

Superior in Quality & Crispier to Eat:

These naturally dried bananas are crispy when eaten and sweet in taste and high in quality.  These bananas are made from strictly selective bananas that are tested under certain categories, after which they are selected.

We check these naturally dried bananas strictly before they reach your table. These naturally dried bananas are original in quality and are free from any preservative, additive, and artificial sugar.

Natural Dried Banana Benefits:

Following are the benefits of naturally dried bananas.


The potassium is essentially required by the body to maintain the blood pressure and keeping the fluid balanced since the banana is a good source of potassium, so it helps in keeping everything under control.

Sweetness with Instant Energy:

The sweetness of the banana comes from the presence of glucose and fructose in this fruit. The glucose and fructose provide instant energy to our body and brain that is essentially needed in energy-consuming tasks such as cycling, running, wrestling, and other sports.

The Essential Fiber:

Another essential nutrient called fiber, which highly responsible for reducing the risk of colorectal cancer and constipation, is present in the bananas.


Another great element, “Iron or Ferrum,” is also present in naturally dried bananas, which is linked to the production hemoglobin – red blood cells that carry oxygen to the body parts.


1lb Bag $6.99, 5lb bag $6.78 / lb, 44lb case $4.99 / lb


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