Pear is a light, luscious, tasty sweet fruit, which is full of nutritious, pulpy, fat-free, and also a cholesterol-free gift of nature. It also contains important antioxidants, which are very beneficial for health.

But when we talk bout Pears, especially pears of California, which is the hub of producing top-class quality pears. Californian pears are full of nutrients, fresh, and  Yummyways dried these pears very carefully without losing quality because everyone can quickly eat them throughout the year in offseason.

Dishes recommended by Yummway:

Yummway’s recommended dishes are always healthy and tasty to give you some additional taste.

  • Dried Pear Loaf with Hazlenut.
  • Dried Pear cake with Almond and honey.
  • Dried Pear with slight caramel touch.
  • Dried Pear Scroggin.

Benefits of pears for health:

Enhance Immunity:

Dried pears contain antioxidants such as vitamin C and copper, which improves the immunity of the body, thus prevent from different diseases.

Enhance Energy Volume:

When we are exhaust and feel dim dried pears offer you quick energy, after eating pears, they get very quickly consume in the body and rapidly change into energy.


Dried pear is very rich in Fiber, which is unsolvable. Rich Fiber gives better digestion.

Anti Cancer:

Regular intake of pear can save from breast cancer 34% in women and also prevent colon cancer.

Lower sugar Level:

Because pear is a fibrous fruit after taking pear, we stay more time without taking food; thus, sugar level remains in control and prevent diabetes.

Blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases:

It observes that after eating pears, pears normalize the blood pressure and pulse rate because high blood pressure leads to cardiovascular diseases.


The number of antioxidants elements is present in pears. These antioxidants elements that belong to Anti-inflammatory thus help in reducing inflammation and minimize pain related to swelling.

Healthy for Skin:

Vitamin A, many nutrients and digestible Fiber is present in pears; all of these keep nail and skin healthy.

Nourishing hair:

Pear contains a lot of vitamins A and C, and these nutrients are beneficial for hair health.

Healthy teeth and bones:

Sharp teeth and bones are essential for everyone. Calcium is present in pear, and pear also helps to absorb calcium.

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