Dried Mangoes is the sweetest dry fruit, loved, and enjoyed by everyone. It is also very beneficial. It contains a high amount of nutrients and calories. Dried Mangoes tastes sweet, and you can make dishes with the help of dried Mangoes.

Yummway’s staff works hard to maintain the better quality of all of our fruits and to provide healthy and organic food. Organic Dried Mangoes is dried naturally by Yummway, and we use secret natural techniques that preserve the original taste and aroma.

Health Benefits of Dried Mango:

The dried mangoes are jam-packed with nutrients and minerals that are very beneficial for our health. These minerals are responsible for the proper growth of our bodies.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A plays an essential role in improving our eye-sight. It is also crucial in maintaining healthy membranes and is also excellent for our immune system.

Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid:

Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid is essential for the growth and repair of our tissues in our bodies. Dried Manges are rich sources of vitamin c that helps in maintaining and improving the health of our:

  • Teeth
  • Cartilage
  • Bones.


Iron is vital for the creation of hemoglobin (red blood cells). These red blood cells carry oxygen to our body parts. Iron also helps in removing carbon dioxide. It is an essential mineral for our body that is present in dried mangoes.


Ninety-nine percent of calcium makes our teeth and bones. The calcium is an essential mineral that is present in dried mangoes, and it is responsible for maintaining and strengthening our teeth and bones.

Dishes recommended by Yummway:

There are lots of ways to enjoy dried mangoes. You can bake it into muffins and cake or crush it into shakes and slushies. Here are our dishes that you can try at home.

Chocolate chunk dried mango cookies:

Chocolate chunk dried mango cookies are the best snacks. These snacks are tasty and healthy, and without any harmful chemicals. The chocolate chunks with dried mangoes and a little crunch of biscuits are perfect. You can eat them anywhere and anytime you want.

Dried mango granola:

Granola itself is tasty and delicious, with little crunch and sweetness. It is also full of nutrition. Add some chopped dried mangoes and mix it. Your tasty granola ready!

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