Bananas are a great source of energy and minerals that keeps our body healthy and in the perfect physique. Bananas are filled with countless blessings such as vitamins, proteins and fibers which are essential for our body.

But there’s one problem with this fruit; it rots very fast. It doesn’t take much time to turn black from yellow.

Yummway’s staff worked hard to preserve and make these dried banana chips. These dried banana chips have been dried through natural processes and can be stored up to 2 months, which would’ve been impossible otherwise.

You can eat and serve our dried banana chips with granola, oatmeal, or normal breakfast or can include it in your snacks such as trail mix.

With low fat and high sugar content, the dried banana chips give the original sweet taste and are full of minerals and energy to boost your body.

Whether you like to satiate your untimely hunger or it’s the gym, you can eat them whenever or wherever you want. It’s a delight with minerals and all the essential nutrients to keep you going and giving you feel that you are not hungry and saving you from hunger pangs.

We want to suggest that dried banana should be eaten in medium quantity and not in large quantity.

Sweet in taste & Superior in quality:

Our dried banana chips are chewy and crispy in taste and have the same sweetness and taste of the original bananas. We used high-quality ripe bananas to make these dried banana chips.

Yummway has always maintained a high-quality standard and our customer’s health comes first! Therefore, we haven’t used any artificial flavor, sweetener, dye or any preservative.

All of our products are dried naturally and tested on a strict set of standards before they reach on your tables.

Benefits of Dried Banana Chips:

Dried bananas are highly rich in calcium, potassium, iron, and other nutrients that are essential for proper body growth and functioning.


Potassium plays a significant role in maintaining and reducing the blood pressure level in the human body. It is responsible for maintaining the balance of fluids in our body, such as balancing the electrolytes in our body. It also helps in maintaining a normal heartbeat rate.


Fructose and glucose, present inside the dried bananas is an instant form of energy; it boosts our body and causes less fatigue.

All the sportsmen require energy and dried banana chips comes to the aid, which offers an instant energy boost and without any disadvantages that comes with unnatural snacks.


Our dried bananas have fiber in them that aids the body in digesting the food and keeps your tummy filled. It helps in softening the stool and keeps constipation away.


Ferrum is a wonderful nutrient required by the body to keep running the production of new blood cells so that they can transport adequate oxygen to our body parts necessary to keep them functioning.

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