Do you want to eat a healthy snack that is delicious, chewy, and jam-packed with nutrients?

Then dried apricots are the delight you are in search of, and they are so delicious and healthy to eat.

These dried apricot come from some of the top-notch certified farms from all over the world and are healthy.

Yummway’s experienced staff used the apricots that are 100 percent original and natural so that you get to eat the delicious, juicy, and original dried apricot.

Our dried apricots are naturally sweet & tangy in flavour, and no artificial sweetener or chemical has been used in drying these apricots

Natural, Sweet & Tangy:

It’s all up to you that whether you dice the apricots and sprinkle them over yummy desserts, sweet dishes, eat raw or use them in baking delicious sweet dishes, cakes, and cookies that are a real delight.

So treat yourself, your kids, your friends, and family with these delicious, juicy dried apricot.

Delicious Oatmeal-Apricot Cookies

If you are an oatmeal lover, then these cookies are the real delight. These cookies are mineral enriched and so tasty that they will make you say “wow.”

Whether it is a new year eve or Christmas party, or just a random get together, bake these delicious cookies, and give a treat to everyone.

Dried Apricot Teatime Cake with Icing:

If you are a tea lover and love to take a snack with 4 pm tea, then this cake is a perfect snack for you. Made from juicy dried apricots this moist cake is with cream icing is the most delicious thing you will ever taste.

Benefits of dried apricot:

Dried apricots are a true gift from nature, and it is  highly rich in nutrients and minerals that are essential for

  • Cell growth.
  • Helps in Reproduction
  • Strengthens our bones
  • Good for immunity.
  • Good for eye-sight.
  • Good for shedding weight because it has low calories.

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