Everyone knows, Armenia is a well-renowned country in the world for the cultivation of luscious

top-class apricots, because Armenians are cultivating apricots 3000 years ago approximately.

Hence, it is the legacy of the Armenians that they are growing ripe, lush, delicious, and flavorsome apricots. Now the question is how we can use tasty apricot all around the year. The best, safe way

without losing quality and taste. The Yummways process and Dried Apricot naturally for you.

Usage of Armenian Dried Apricot in different Dishes:

Here, we can use Armenian dried apricot in countless ways. That is, in the

  • Baby food,
  • Jams / Marmalades,
  • Sauces,
  • Custard,
  • Ice-cream,
  • Pudding,
  • Cookies / Biscuits,
  • Cakes / Pancakes,
  • Muffins,
  • Trail Mix,
  • Salad toppers, e.t.c.

Armenian dried apricots increase the taste of all the foods in which they are used

 Benefits of Armenian Dried Apricot:

The benefits of apricots are enormous for health; some discuss for convenience.

Nourishing and low in calorie:

Dried apricots are very low in calories and favorable diet for diabetes as well as calorie-conscious persons.

Highly antioxidant:

The presence of antioxidants reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the damage caused

by oxidation also reduces inflammation.

Improve Eye Sight:

Armenian Dried apricots are a good source of vitamin A, which is very beneficial for healthy eyes.

Removes Wrinkles & Makes you look young:

Armenian dried apricots are jam-packed with essential nutrients such as vitamin C & proteins that make our skin wrinkle-free and makes us look young.

Boost Intestine Health:

Dried apricot also contain fiber, which is necessary for digestion and helps prevent digestion.

Maintain Blood Pressure:

Dried apricot rich in potassium, which is useful in reducing blood pressure.

Beneficial for Liver:

Dried apricot helps to protect the liver from damage and beneficial to liver regeneration.

Strengthen Bone and teeth:

Dried apricot rich in calcium, which is necessary for teeth and bone development.

Lessen Blood Deficiency:

Dried apricots are rich in iron, which produces hemoglobin, and hemoglobin increases blood.

The presence of antioxidants reduces the risk of heart diseases and the damage caused by oxidation.

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