Apricots Glazed sweet candied dried apricots that are given a slight sugary touch and are suitable for all sorts of sweet dishes that will make your day a happy and sweet day.

These apricots are of high quality & 100% original with the same delicious taste and health benefits but with some extra sugary, transparent, and shiny glazed look.

Apricots Glazed serves essential minerals, Vitamins, proteins, carbs, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium carbohydrates, nutritious fiber, and many important antioxidants.

Dishes Suggested by Yummyway:

  • Dried Apricot Glazed with Apple Tart
  • Dried Apricot Glazed Chicken Thighs
  • Dried Apricot Glazed Ham
  • Hot Dried Apricot Glazed Wings
  • Spicy Dried Apricot Glazed Chicken Drummies
  • Dried Apricot Glazed Salmon
  • Dried Apricot Glazed and Apple Gammon
  • Dried Apricot Glazed Coffee Cake
  • Dried Apricot Glazed with Lime Chicken Breast
  • Dried Apricot Glazed Ribs
  • Dried Apricot Glazed Morrocan Meatloaf with Chilli
  • Dried Apricot Glazed with Almond-Crusted Baked Ham
  • Dried Apricot Glazed Carrots with Ginger and Curry
  • Dried Apricot Glazed Dijon Salmon and Broccoli
  • Dried Apricot Glazed and brandy Christmas Cake

Health Benefits:

Dried Apricot Glazed are vastly nourishing and containing uncountable benefits. Dried Apricots are dominant goods all over the world. The benefits of Apricot Glazed listed below:

Prevent from Anemia:

Antioxidants are present organic dried apricots, and also contains a high amount of iron. Iron helps prevent anemia and regularly to produce Red blood cells.

Healthy Bones:

For healthy bones and teeth, calcium is required, and in Organic Dried apricots glaze, too much calcium and potassium are available.

A lot of Fiber:-

Dried Apricots are rich in soluble fiber, which maintains the gut and digestive system. The presence of fiber in the apricot glaze prevents constipation and cleans the gut.

Liver Protection:-

Because Dried apricots glaze highly antioxidants substances, it acts as a barrier from oxidative pressure and saves our liver.

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